I've tried some of these techniques, but certainly not all of them.  Use these techniques with care as many of them can harm a pony if done incorrectly.  I am not personally vouching for any of these restoration techniques and do not claim to be a particularly good restorer myself.  I simply support pony restorations and hope to continue to get better at it.

Remember, no one knows the long term effects various chemicals may have on ponies.​​  Use chemicals, even gentle ones, with caution.

Research what you're doing and don't be afraid to try things on fakies or baits as needed.  Also, be willing to learn from the mistakes other collectors have made.  They're amazingly willing to share! Check out:

Warning Dream Castle Is Not Reheatable!!! I just melted a pony in the oven!!! :(
Restoration/cleaning accidents...  What about yours?                    Have you ever done anything  now regret?

​I made a rookie mistake when cleaning ponies!

Midnight Baking Disaster *or* How To Kill A Pony

I assume the people using this site have some knowledge of the different My Little Pony generations.  While most techniques will work on any generation, there are times you might need to do some tweaking.  If you're confused about anything said here, try researching the different generations.  Some great resources are:

Dream Valley for G1's

The Rainbow Forest for G2's

The My Little Pony Re-releases Encyclopedia for G3's

Or, best of all My Little Wiki where you can find links to all the hot spots in ponyland.  And may I not so humbly mention, my site is listed there as well!​​

Images on this website have been donated with permission from various contributors. Please do not use them without permission. 

This site is not affiliated with Hasbro.  My Little Pony, its characters, names and their distinctive likenesses are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.

Looking for someone to do a restoration for you?  Here are some collectors who can be commissioned to do restorations!  Fees and policies vary by restorer, so please contact them personally.

At the MLP Arena:

FlurryDust: specializing in re-hairs for MLP, Barbie, and other dolls.  Contact her through pm or bbbluw @ msn.com.  Check out her work HERE!

Miss_Tuneful: specializing in symbol/eye/blush touch-ups, re-hairs, and pin-dot mold removals.  Contact her through pm or at miss.tuneful @ gmail.com.

Moondancer1073: specializing in re-pinking hair, spot removal, sunfading, and can do some work on dry and frizzy hair.  Contact her through pm or at Kyrisa1073 @ hotmail.com.

WingsOfMasquerade: specializing in re-hairing and can also replace tinsel.  Contact her through pm.

Oneleo1: contact her through pm or at levenhuizen @ comcast.net.

BabyStarz:  skills include sunfading, rehairing and tail washer replacement, rust removal, ingrained dirt/pindot removal, and hair defrizzing treatments. Contact through pm or at shannon@petsheep.com

At the MLP Trading Post:

~PRETTYKITTY~: contact her through pm.

Please note: I am not personally backing any restorer listed here.  Be smart and check feedback and pictures of their previous work before commissioning anyone online.
Here you will be able to find information on the restoration of ponies,
​playsets, and accessories from all three generations of MLP.  This includes
​everything from repainting eyes to replacing tinsel!  A lot of this information is
​useful for restoring all sorts of toys and for customizers as well.  There's also some
​really great before and after shots as well as information about the ethics behind pony restorations.  You can also find a list of MLP collectors who are willing to do restorations for others!

How do I decide what information to include here?  These are all either restoration techniques that have been around forever and are "proven" to work, or it is information that is very unique and less tested, but solves a problem that has no other solutions.

Contact me at MLPpreservation @ gmail.com if you know of restoration techniques that you think should be added to the site.  Prevention tips are always welcome too!
Pony Ethics

If you sell or trade a restored pony, be certain to tell the buyer exactly what work you did.  When you do a restoration, put some type of identifying mark on the item so that collectors in the future will know that it has had work performed on it.  How do you tell the difference between a restore mark and a child's initials?  I haven't figured that one out yet . . .

Many of the materials you'll find discussed on this site are harsh and quite toxic.  Please wear latex or rubber gloves while using them and keep them away from children and pets.  Please also use caution while using sharp objects and glues.  Contact your city or county to find out how to properly dispose of left over chemicals. You should never dump chemicals down the drain.

For some very detailed safety information, see A New Pony Tail Safety Features.
READ ME!    Some of the products discussed in the various sections of this site need more explanation than others.  For products that are recommended for multiple uses, I give their directions here.  There are also links to sites where you can buy some of the less common materials.  For many products, there is a specific brand that has been proven to work.  However, for others, everyone seems to have their favorite.  In these cases, I've tried to avoid giving advice on specific brands to use.  You'll have to experiment and discover your own favorites!

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